Postcard Puzzles

This is an easy-peasy activity that takes only 2 minutes to prepare. We did it the other day over breakfast and Cakie came back and played with it various times throughout the day.

I used a book of Monet post cards and chose 4 different pictures that were fairly symmetrical and easy to distinguish from one another.

I simply cut each one in half or diagonally into 2 pieces.

Then I shuffled them up and gave them to her to put back together.

She loved it and it some of them were trickier than others due to having to rotate the pieces to get them to fit.

Once completed she talked about things she could se in the pictures and enjoyed me making up little stories about what each picture might be about.

When she lost interest I put them in a zip-lock bag as an activity ready to go on another day.

This would also be lovely with photographs of familiar people and places!
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