A couple of months ago I bought Cakie an Usborne “1,2,3, Sticker Book” while browsing all of the aisles in Sainsburys (ie procrastinating from getting on with the real shopping!)

It was an instant hit and we quickly finished the whole book with lots of requests for “more, more!”

So I searched the selection at Amazon and saw that Usborne have a huge range of sticker books for really young children, with large easy to remove stickers, beautiful “page scenes” to stick them on, and a simple educational purpose for each section.

Rather than buy each different theme eg “Holidays”, “Colours”, “Animals” etc, I found a really big book in Early Learning Centre instead that incorporated all of them into one volume, simply called “My First Sticker Book.” Its promise of having over 500 stickers was just too good to pass up!

In this section she had to stick the objects onto the correct page of the alphabet, according to their initial sounds. Needless to say this was too hard for her, but it was really good for extending vocabulary and comprehension skills. “Stick the mooon on this page”, “stick the kite on that page” etc.

Even better were the pages which were just big, empty scenes that were waiting to be filled (delicious!) I was surprised at how much she could understand already in terms of positioning eg “put the ball next to the lion….stick the flag on the boat” etc. I also just let her stick a lot of the pictures wherever she wanted- after all it is supposed to be fun! 

There was a section for colours, recognising and matching numbers, counting, alphabet, shapes and animals. When she wasn’t looking I had lots of goes myself!

It has lasted us about 2 months and was absolutely fantastic! It occupied Cakie on the 2 day car journey to Italy and was a hit with other children too. (Plus it provided some peace- priceless!)

But even that was eventually “all dum” (“all gone” incase you don’t speak Toddler) so this week, back in good old Sainsburys again, I picked up a small “1000 Stickers” book (Usborne again) which seems to be for slightly older children, in that the stickers are smaller and there is more directive text.

Cakes isn’t letting that bother her though. She is simply unpeeling them all and sticking them onto sheets of coloured card (and the floor, her toys, her hair, her clothes….)

I have then been annotating them to keep a record of the words she can say already and how she says them eg “baafly” for “butterfly”. She is really pleased with these sheets and keeps walking around showing them to people saying “ta da!!” then pointing at all of the things and listing off what they are.

No doubt, within another week this book will also be “all dum” and we will need to find something else!


  1. Sali says

    I just bought a sticker book for my 15 ,month old. If he likes it, we’ll try the early learning one too – great recommendation! How old is Cakie here?
    And LOVE your blog – thank you for sharing! Will be getting straws and pipe cleaners this pm for discovery boxes…..