Twinkle Twinkle

Little star!
We have started to make some pictures and props to go with the nursery rhymes and songs that we sing the most often. Cakie decorated this star shape when her best buddy J came over to play last week. They both stuck on foam shapes, torn tissue paper and card and then smothered their creations with golden glitter paint. 

And on the back I added some of the words from the song (as a little reminder for Daddy who sometimes needs a prompt!)

On the kitchen wall there are all most of the songs that we sing most often. They are simply written and (poorly illustrated!) on A4 paper, then laminated. Thankfully, at this age, every effort is much appreciated! Cakie LOVES having them next to the table and requests them frequently. When she was smaller she would point and squeak at the one she wanted us to sing, but now she is learning the key words for each song and requests them that way instead. eg “dog” for “BINGO”, “eyes” for “Two little eyes to look to God” and “whoooosh!” for “Zoom, zoom, zoom.” It’s lovely to see her so excited by singing and also to watch her language developing because of it. My Dad (Pampa) refers to this wall as her “duke box!”
Here are a few of the others…

I am about to make lots more as the more songs we add to our repertoire, the more song cards needed. We recently took these away with us on holiday and Cakie was so excited to have them with her. She shuffled them and pulled out her requests every night before bedtime!


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    E copied this idea for us-thank you. “Wind the bobbin up” is a favourite here as is “Row, row” although we only do the crocodile verse. You might have heard my little ones asking for “Row, row”!