Sources of crafty goodness!

A previous comment asked where to find some of the bits and bobs for the Jar of Wonder and I will add a couple of links here.

First of all, Pound Shops are actually brilliant for this and have SO many little bargains. There are good ones in Lewisham, Bromley and Peckham.

But if, like me, you find it a bit of a faff to go out and do “real” shopping any more, then there are some good sources online.

The first is the high-street store The Works that has a much better range online. It has lots of lovely artists’ materials and a big range of craft essentials, card, paper, glue, paint, scissors etc.

Another lovely online store is called Yellow Moon and this has a wonderful art and craft ideas section as well as really nice craft kits for slightly older children, such as sewing, sequins pictures, bag making, models etc. These are great for children’s activities at church. I am getting some activities for Cakie’s birthday party from here.┬áReally worth a look and is especially good as it donates 10% of some product purchases to ChildLine.

Baker Ross is very similar type of shop to Yellow Moon but also has more of an educational leaning. It’s one of the only catalogues available to schools that is also accessible to the general public (for most you need to be part of an organisation of some kind.) So this is particularly good for home-schoolers too.

Have fun shopping…the trouble is knowing what NOT to buy!