Colour Balloons

Cakie has started to show an interest in colours (well, in one colour in particular!) We have been naming colours in books and on objects that we see and generally every one is promptly named “purple, purple!”
So the other day I cut out some balloon shapes from card and we went on a “colour hunt” to find things to decorate them with. There were lots of plastic bags, cardboard boxes and containers in the recycling and these had enough little areas of colour to make a nice pile to choose from.

Then I pulled out all of the appropriate shades of each colour from the pencil bucket and pen pot, and mixed up some paints to use.

Cakie then painted, scribbled, arranged pieces and stuck them with glue until each balloon was covered (over a series of days, not all at once!)

Then I wrote simple labels and stuck them above the song cards where she can see them at meal times.
She loves pointing to them and trying to name them. She is always accurate with her favourite! Purple!

Now they just need to have strings attached and pulled down to meet each other to make it look as though they are floating.


  1. says

    Oh my you managed ALL Those balloons! They are fabulous and your little one looked like she had great messy fun. Brilliant!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Love having you as part of the party!

    See you again next week (?)


  2. says

    They are fabulous! Lovely!! Wish I had seen them before our rainbow party last weekend, they would have been a great addition to the activities :)

    Love her blue face 😀