Water Play!

Thanks be for sunny days amidst the rainy. Little glimpses of summer and the hope of long, lazy days to come!

Plastic bowls, stacking cups, jugs and watering cans are all it takes for plenty of water play fun on a sunny day!

With very warm water and lots of soapy bubbles, of course!

Throw in a water wheel or two for exploring how water moves and lots of different sized containers for pouring between to experiment with capacity.

Oooo and a REALLY big heavy bowl full to test muscle power! I can do this all by myself!

And mix it into the sand tray for good measure 😉


  1. says

    Water play with different sized bowls and funnels is a great way to add in some maths play. (And your little one looks so cute with those curls and hairclip!) Thanks for sharing this with our Messy Play Carnival.