Book Start

We have just got back from a Book Start Plus Workshop and it was fantastic!

Book Start are a great organisation funded by the government whose sole aim is to get more books and reading into all homes. At our baby’s 8 month check up she was given a bag full of free books from Book Start and we were handed some literature on the importance of reading to our child every day.

They also run these workshops across the country which are aimed at babies to 5 year olds and are completely free.
In this morning’s session C was able to play and interact with about 15 other 0-5 year olds in a large room with lots of toys. All areas of the room were themed and by each set of toys was a large box of books, story props and puppets to do with the same theme.
There were cooking and food stories in the home corner, a wild animal section, farms and farm animals, under the sea (with bath books too!), nursery rhymes and many more.
We were able to choose 9 books or story props to take home with us and keep for a few weeks until we want to swap them, just like a library service.
After tidy up time there was a lovely sing-song and story time using toys from the story to help re-tell it. The children all loved it and spontaneously clapped when it finished!
The best bit though (according to C’s expression) was the free box of raisins at the end!
We will definitely be going again.

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